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The ANNA VEDA rug manufactury is an experienced manufacturer of high quality, exclusively handcrafted rugs.

As an ANNA VEDA rug manufacturer, our rugs are all made under ecological and socially sustainable factors:
For example, we use only high-quality dyes and material finishes that do not in any way pollute the environment. We also see our employees, workers and weaving experts as very important partners, with whom we realize our high standards of quality.

All this is necessary to make sure that every customer can perfectly create his own individual rug.


Industry 4.0 brought to handmade rugs - solving the demands of personal individuality.

Handmade rugs are extremely complex to configure and visualize online, especially with the almost infinite possibilities of combinations in colors, materials and structures.
Our task in the development of ANNA VEDA was to obtain the optimal visualization, especially for the color accuracy, of the desired rugs combined with the calibrated control in the manufacturing .

The ANNA VEDA Shop is aimed at the professional retailers and interior designers who want to quickly and easily implement and visualize their customer wishes and requirements for the sale. The ANNA VEDA system eliminates the complicated long lines of coordination between the manufacturer, the importer, the retailer and the consumer. A simple order through the shop is enough and the custom production starts almost immediately - accurate and reliable in both color and quality.

This technology began around 1992. At that time, without the Internet, André Kochmann developed the software Crossbreed for the individual coloring of rugs and made it accessible to the specialized retail. Following that, in the mid 90's the first photorealistic simulations of the products which were used by retailers for product advertising were available.

Detailed rug simulation 2018
Open this design in the rug atelier
Original detailed photo of the finished rug.
It was then, as it is now, of utmost importance that what you see is what you finally get (WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get). Therefore developing and running such a complex system requires not only a great deal of production experience right down to the smallest detail, but also the perfect connection to the controllable manufacturing to guarantee the goal - the perfect custom-made rug.
ANNA VEDA - create your own (powered by CROSSBREED)
is usable without installation and on most devices and formats .


Competence already in the 2nd generation.

ltr. André Kochmann and Sunny Harjani
Sunny Harjani (Dhirendra) started in the service industry at a very young age. He joined his father at the age of 16 in the first Dry cleaners of Nepal called MYSHOP. After working for a few years in dry-cleaning, he established the first Wool dye house in Nepal in the late 70's. Soon the company gained enormous popularity among the Tibetan carpet manufacturers. He learned combinations of colors on his own with trial and run experiences and emerged as a self-taught Dye master for natural fibres like wool, Silk , Nettle & cotton. Dyes from World renowned companies like Archroma (Sandoz), Huntsman (Ciba) & Dystar are all used. All dyes used are Azo free and OEKO-TEX standard.
Up until the Early 80's although rugs were hand knotted in Nepal they were still sent to Germany or Switzerland to be washed and processed. Seeing an opportunity, he set out and established the first rug washing/processing unit in Nepal in the early 80's. He developed different types of washes with High Luster and softness including Antiques washes, Tea Wash & Herbal wash.
Over the years a lot of changes and tweaking have been made in the Dye and wash process to remain at the top of market requirement for color fastness as well as shine of the rugs.

Johnny & Tony Harjani, sons of Sunny Harjani joined the Family business in the mid 2006. After a lot of intense training from their father they learnt the various dye and washing-processes. In 2017 they ventured into wool spinning. Their Semi-worsted Wool spinning plant is based in Hetauda in south Nepal and has a capacity of spinning up to 30 Tons a month. Tibetan wool is imported from Tibet and then spun for the necessary yarns for rugs.

André Kochmann was managing partner at New Oriental Carpet GmbH until the year 2000 with focus on the production and marketing of handmade rugs from Nepal and India with a market volume of up to 250.000 m² per year at peak times.