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couple on rug
Rugs create quality of life

A room without a rug! – something is missing

A rug can complete a room in many ways, a room without a rug however leaves a cold unfinished feeling. Furthermore rugs have many functions that improve the living quality and give a sense of well being. On top of the visual characteristics one must not forget the practical benefits of a rug, for instance the room acoustics are improved absorbing a lot of the echoes depending on the type and size of the rug. Unpleasant impact noises are also reduced. One can only describe walking on a rug with an appropriate pile-height as extremely enjoyable. With socks, or even better without, one automatically gets the feeling when walking on a rug as if one is walking on clouds. Depending on the rug material(s) body heat will be reflected and helps against “cold feet”. rugs are also good against house dust allergies by binding the dust in the pile and not releasing it into the room.

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colour-matched rug in the living room
living room rug

rugs for every room

A rug helps any room to look elegant and exclusive. rug galleries or runners for halls and corridors or in the bedroom as a border rug around the bed. Round rugs, oval or octagonal shapes, free-lying or a flattering presence under dining tables are all possible with ANNA VEDA. Such free form rugs can be adapted to fit beautifully into any architectural shape. The possibilities with hand-made rugs from ANNA VEDA are without any limits. Even with a rug in the bathroom the visual effect and even more important the haptic pleasure of walking on them is increased enormously. Of course the living room is the classical place for a special individual rug but even in a child's bedroom a rug has many uses and pleasures. It mustn't always be the boring street-plan rug.

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the ANNA VEDA online rug configurator
Rug Atelier (rug configurator)
exclusive custom rug visualized in the online rug configurator
result from the rug configurator

Fitted custom rugs and own-designs

Everything is possible – the ANNA VEDA rug-rug atelier (rug configurator). ANNA VEDA understands with “made to measure rugs” not only the literal sense – exact or special size but also a completely individual custom-made rug. All of ANNA VEDA’s manufactured rugs are individual and custom-made. Everything in the rug can be changed and/or adapted using the unique and intuitive online ANNA VEDA rug-rug atelier (rug configurator). You don’t just change the measurements of the rug but rather change the colors in small steps, change the pile-height(s), choose your material(s) and structures, choose your size (up to 800cm×2000cm) and choose between long-pile, deep-pile or short-pile. Everything is based on your own choices, helping you create your perfect dream rug that you always longed for. ANNA VEDA offers hundreds of rug designs and rug proposals including from some from notable designers, which you can change and or adapt as you wish. You may prefer to upload your own design with which you can create your own special rug. Every rug uploaded or customized in(to) the ANNA VEDA rug atelier (rug configurator) is always, when the production by one of our master craftsman is finished, an individual product customized exactly to your wishes and a rug well deserving the term unique in all aspects.

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create a rug for this interior
Interior task
rug from the ANNA VEDA rug configurator (rug Atelier)
Proposal for a rug

rug conception and location

It is very seldom that a room is adapted to a rug, normally a rug is one of the last elements to finish the room. This is by no way an easy task. Therefore finding a perfectly matching rug using classical methods! more often than not relies on whether you accept one, or more compromises. Does the rug color combination match? are the correct rug measurements available? To give you just a couple of examples. With the ANNA VEDA rug atelier (rug configurator) there are as good as no compromises necessary. You want to match the color combination of your rug with an element in the room? No problem. Every color and color combination is available. One of the many innovative and intuitive tools is the possibility of uploading a photo with your desired color combination (for example from the room directly) and adapting it selectively, simply and quickly into your rug. Maybe you have adapted your rug and it is almost perfect, almost! However you would like a tone on tone color combination with an accent color from your room. Nothing easier. Just use the ANNA VEDA tone on tone function and choose the desired color for your rug – done! Almost! However you still find that your rug is a bit too dark or too light. No problem, another unique function is the possibility to change in small steps not only the lightness but also if required the saturation of the complete rug- lighter, darker a deeper saturation etc.

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high low rug detail
high-low rug detail
example rug with high-low 3D effect
example rug

rugs with long pile, high pile or short pile

By using the ANNA VEDA rug atelier (rug configurator) you decide the pile-height(s). The pile-height definition of a rug is not just a tool for the style of the rug but also offers the possibility with different pile-heights to achieve a deeper optical effect for instance with a “3D effect”. Furthermore the functionality of the rug can, with the pile-height tool be perfectly adapted to its’ environment, for instance under a table where the chairs are often moved a short-pile rug would be advisable. A point to take into consideration is when deciding on the pile-height(s) of your rug is, the higher the pile-height the higher the possibility that the design could become less sharp or less exact. With complicated designs it is therefore also advisable to define a short-pile rug. On the other hand a rug with dense long-pile is a wonderful fleecy rug which, in socks or barefoot, is always a pleasant feeling to walk on. A shaggy rug is a long-pile rug and looks fleecy however due to the relatively coarse and loose manufacturing process this type of rug feels, and is, much harder when walking on.

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cut pile and loop combined in a rug
cut pile and loop in a rug

rugs with loop or cut pile

The choice of loop or a cut pile mainly has design reasons, which you can choose in the ANNA VEDA rug atelier (rug configurator) for each color area partially or for the entire rug. The use of loop changes the structure of the rug or the selected surface and also increases the light reflection more or less depending on the material. Technically, the loop has the advantage that dirt cannot penetrate through the “closed” thread in the pile as easily as if the rug pile was cut open. A short rug pile in a loop is also more resilient than a cut pile of the same height. However, the design of the rug suffers if the loop is used excessively.

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dye rug wool in a pot
dyeing rug wool
the rug knotting
Knotting a rug

Production methods for rugs of ANNA VEDA

All ANNA VEDA rugs are exclusively hand-crafted in one of four rug manufacturing types: hand-weaved, hand-knotted (Persian knot), hand knotted (Tibetan knot) and hand-tufted. Every one of these rug types has its’ own special characteristics. Weaved rugs do not have as many colors and are limited in their shape and complexity of the design but have the advantage of a relatively short production time-frame. Hand-knotted rugs using a Persian knot have a very fine surface and are excellent for complex designs. Hand-knotted rugs using a Tibetan knot are also very good for complex designs with characteristic line structures that gives them their own artisan charm. In comparison hand-tufted rugs are quicker to manufacture than knotted rugs however due to their production technique they must be glued with latex and are not so rich in detail as a knotted rug. In more frequently used areas we would advise using a knotted rug because they are considerably more resilient.

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wool is the best pile material for rugs
Wool is the most suitable pile
material for rugs

The choice of materials

With the ANNA VEDA rug atelier (rug configurator) it is possible to choose for nearly all products, either partially for one color or for the complete rug any material from the following selection: New Zealand Wool (mainly worsted), Silk, Nettle, Linen, Bamboo and Tencel ™ and/or different combinations of these materials. Plastic and synthetic fibres burden our environment in every respect. ANNA VEDA respects this and uses only sustainable materials in our rugs.

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rugs and floor heating

An underfloor heating does not limit the choice of a rug. All too often people are advised that rugs that lay over floor heating should be flat-woven. This sounds logical but in the long run this is irrelevant. There is no need to abstain from rugs with fibres. All hand-made rugs, woven or knotted allow a certain amount of heat through from floor heating because their underconstruction is one and the same fabric warp and weft and principally permeable and therefore not closed. Fact is that the production density (knot density), pile-height and the type of materials used in a rug all have an influence on the heat permeability. However this influence relates only to how quickly a room warms up and not, if it warms up. A good comparison would be floor heating under a wooden floor. Wood has positive insulating characteristics just like the wool in a rug. Parquet flooring is generally suitable for floor heating. The principle lies in the general warming up and heat releasing characteristics of the wooden floor and the quality of the insulation materials contained in it. The same goes for rugs, the better the insulation properties (material, density pile-height etc.) the longer it takes to warm up and release the heat into the room. Basically this is for rugs over floor heating insignificant as they attunes theirselves in time. To sum this up there is no need to either increase or decrease your heating appliances. Conversely the rug functions as a heat-resevoir similar to a clothing article, no matter where the heat source finds itself.

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freely selectable rug reference sample
rug reference sample
rug reference sample
check the colors and appearance
of the rug

rug reference sample

You have the choice. After creating your desired rug, you can order a sample (material and color reference) to help you decide if our realization of your creation meets your expectations. This sample is produced just as individually as the final rug.

There are three sample sizes to choose from: 30 cm x 30 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm and 90 cm x 90 cm. and with this sample size select any area of your self created desired rug.

After receiving your rug reference sample and assuming you like everything, it can be ordered. Of course, you can make any corrections you wish and if needed a new reference sample of your rug can be ordered.

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Interior Designer

ANNA VEDA is the perfect rug resource for interior designers or decorators. In addition to an extensive collection, ANNA VEDA has many tools to immediately change any color design and/or specifications for the perfect rug.

It is also very easy to realize your own designs or even whole collections on the ANNA VEDA system (after a brief introduction) and to visualize them immediately for your customer (ready for sale).

There are no limits to ANNA VEDA's choice of colors - infinitely variable color selection, brightness and intensity - no headaches from matching to the usual limited color sets.
Do you use Pantone or have a RAL specification? No problem from now on: you can already incorporate the most important colors directly into your rug creation, by entering the color codes.

There are almost no restrictions - just be creative.

Do you have any questions or would like a presentation?
Phone: +49 (0) 4153 / 402 999 0 or via contact form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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rug reseller

Especially handcrafted rugs represent a special challenge for the trade. The clients interior is analyzed and the matching rug should be offered / sold. This requires a huge rug inventory and thus space requirements, significant capital commitment and yet the question still remains is the rug that the customer is looking for available?

ANNA VEDA provides a wide assortment online without space and capital requirements. In addition, the design process with and for the customer creates an additional shopping experience and a special bond to his individual and self-defined rug masterpiece.

ANNA VEDA offers resellers not only customizable handcrafted rugs, but also the decisive sales tools at the POS, so that the creation, presentation and subsequent crafting of the rug in our factory can be carried out with and for the customer in a simple, uncomplicated manner and with short delivery times.

ANNA VEDA can be used easily at the POS on large screens, mobile on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or at the customers abode and in other shop departments. Also, the communication with the customer becomes part of the rug sales process. rug creations can be sent by e-mail for further processing by the customer himself.

Do you have questions or would like a presentation?
Phone: +49 (0) 4153 / 402 999 0 or via contact form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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