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Become a designer @ ANNA VEDA.
Share your creativity direct with the market.
Why should I become a designer @ ANNA VEDA?
Any design you upload to is shown as a finished rug/carpet according to your personal specifications. You decide yourself if and when your design(s) are shown to clients and consumers with ANNA VEDA's intuitive settings and options. You will have a direct market feedback through the sales of your designed rugs and carpets. You can activly push your sales while posting your designs on social networks. You'll receive an interesting royality based on a percentage on each sold rug. Additionally you will also able to sell your creations yourself with an additional margin or commission on top of your royality - depending on your preference. You will get your own designer page, including some details about you and all your rug / carpet creations.

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Contact us and inform yourself about your personal royalty percentage and your designer discount.